C.M.E.C. Seasonal Lease

Have you always dreamed of owning your own horse

but you're not quite ready to take the leap into horse ownership just yet?

Camp Marshall has the answer

you have been waiting for!

Introducing the Seasonal Lease Program

Meet our Camp Horses

who are looking for a part-time job. 

Meet Gunner. Gunner is a handsome 16.2 T.B. who is up for anything you throw

his way. He likes to hang out with his best friend Shorty but will go off on his own

without a fuss. Gunner has some serious formal training in his background but is at

an age where he would prefer to be a pleasure horse. Don't let his size fool you, he will easily take up the leg of a 5'10" rider with room to spare but will carry for the smallest of passengers on or off lead-line with the utmost of care. As you can see, not much phases this guy, even when he can't see where he is going through his crazy hairdo! 

Gunner would prefer to do only flat work W/T/C English and is way more woah than go

for the whole family. Need a very safe off season leg workout? Gunner's your guy. 

I'm so excited that I just found a friend to hang out with! Stay tuned to see if I or my other friends become available again. 

Meet Levi. Levi will go W/T/C Western or English. Levi is a 15.0 Q.H. who is best suited for an advanced beginner and up as he looks to his rider for some confidence. Levi would do best with a rider who wants to take, at minimum, regular maintenance lessons on him and work in the indoor or outdoor rings. Once you have bonded with him you could be in for some serious fun on this guy, he knows his job and he does it well. Excelling at Western you can have a real blast with Levi. 

Meet Gus. Gus is our brand new addition and from what we can tell he takes

everything in stride like a pro! Gus is a 16.0 Percheron/Standardbred X

but his perfect proportions make him look like an adorable compact warmblood. So far Gus has the best personality and is just soaking up all of his new found

attention he is getting now that he made the move from PA to C.M.E.C. 

Gus knows how to go under saddle W/T/C as well as how to drive single and double.

Gus is as smart as they come and he will think about things before he

reacts which gives him the most level temperament of any horse out there.

As Gus gets more training under his belt at C.M.E.C. we will update who

his right person might be, but as far as we can tell,

Gus would take care of any rider out there.   

How Our Seasonal Lease Program Works

Seasonal leases are available for C.M.E.C horses outside of the

summer camp season from September through May.

Seasonal leases are $175/month and include or require:

  • C.M.E.C. provides day to day care, feed, and routine medical attention

  • You can schedule up to 3 rides weekly 

  • You can schedule up to 6 days a week grooming/bonding time 

  • C.M.E.C. requires a scheduled monthly under saddle suitability assessment

  • C.M.E.C. requires at least one bi-weekly ride with a licensed instructor. 

  • You get access to C.M.E.C. indoor, rings, trails and facilities

  • You get unlimited love from a C.M.E.C. horse!

Does a C.M.E.C. seasonal lease sound right for you?

Would you like to learn more or meet a C.M.E.C. horse?