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Seasonal Lease Options

How Our Seasonal Lease Program Works

Seasonal leases are available September 1st through May 31st! 

Seasonal leases are $220/month and include/require: 

  • C.M.E.C. provides day to day care, feed, and routine medical attention needed

  • You can schedule up to 3 rides per week  

  • You can schedule up to 6 days a week unmounted/ground only time 

  • C.M.E.C. requires a scheduled monthly under saddle suitability assessment

  • C.M.E.C. requires regular scheduled weekly or bi-weekly ride with a licensed instructor. (Outside instructors are welcome with instructors license/insurance on file, can be flexible pending situation.)

  • Access to C.M.E.C. indoor, rings, trails and other facilities when available

  • Prior to signing a lease agreement, an appointment will be made to view the requested horse for lease and the fit will be evaluated by our Equestrian Director. Our horses' happiness and our riders' safety is of upmost importance to us. 

  • Most of all, unlimited love from a C.M.E.C. horse!

  • Please read through our horses descriptions, select the best horse you think fits you and your riding skills/level and complete our inquiry request form located at the bottom of the page! 

Meet Cracker Jack. "Crackers" is a 14.1 hand 17 year old Appaloosa, he can walk, trot and canter and can even pop over the occasional cross rail or two. He also enjoys trail riding with his friends and playing in the event field from time to time. Crackers is suitable for all levels of riders from lead line to advanced. He has both great ground manners and under saddle manners. He has the belly to take up additional leg, and the heart to make a great 4 legged friend. 


Meet Levi. Levi can walk, trot and canter both Western or English. Levi is a 15 hand 17 year old Q.H. who is best suited for an advanced beginner and up as he looks to his rider for some confidence. Levi would do best with a rider who wants to take, at minimum, regular maintenance lessons on him and work in the indoor or outdoor rings. Levi has great ground manners and is fun under saddle once you get to know him. Levi also loves to trail ride, will ride alone or in groups, indoors or outdoors. Levi may not know how to jump but he can do ground poles and other obstacles with ease. He has a lot of heart for a little horse and loves creating bonds with new friends. 


Meet Gus. Gus is a 16.3 hand 20 year old Percheron/Standardbred Cross. Gus is the definition of a gentle giant, don't let his size fool you, he is great for all riders including lead line or more advanced riders for walk, trot and canter. He is a master of the trails, when traveling with a group he can be very helpful to anyone who may need some extra confidence to make it through the scary things. Gus cannot jump, but he loves ground poles and other obstacles instead. He has great manners and is a gentleman under saddle. He enjoys making new friends too and can't wait to find someone to bring him all the carrots and apples! 

Goose 1.jpg

Meet Splash. Splash is a 14.0 hand 13 year old large pony. He has the belly and the body build to take on a taller rider with ease. Splash can walk, trot and canter, jump both in the ring and the event field and trail rides with friends. Splash is a great candidate for lead line and also an advanced rider looking for some fun to jump over the winter. Splash can pull your typical pony moves and be lazy at times, outside of lead line he will need someone with a strong leg! Splash has great ground manners like his friends and loves treats and attention. He would love to make a new friend who he can have some fun with over the winter. 

Splash Indoor.jpg

Meet Molly. Molly is a 15.2 hand 18 year old Quarter Horse/Percheron Draft Cross. Molly is great for all levels of riders but prefers to take it slower these days and likes Walk Trot only. She has the build for an adult rider and can take up leg, paired with the patience and experience for lead line and beginner riders. Molly may only be walk trot but loves attention, loves her lessons and relaxing trail rides.    


Meet Gunner. Gunner is a 17 hand 22 year old Thoroughbred. Due to his age and previous (and healed) health conditions, Gunner is best suited for beginner riders, including lead line. Gunner may be tall, but he is very kind, patient and has a heart of gold as large as he is. Gunner has been there and done that and now enjoys teaching new riders the skills it takes to be a future Equestrian. Gunner can walk trot but has been retired from cantering and jumping, he loves poles and obstacle courses or just going to leisurely walks.     

Gunner Snow.jpg

**Currently Unavailable!**

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