Upcoming Events at CMEC


Class List:

(Start Time 9:00 AM)

A - Costume Class

1. Leadline Equitation

2. Leadline Pleasure

3. Leadline Suitability

4. Adult Leadline Equitation

5. Adult Leadline Pleasure

6. Adult Leadline Suitability

7. Beginner WT Equitation

8. Beginner WT Pleasure

9. Beginner WT Suitability

10. Open WT Equitation

11. Open WT Pleasure

12. Open WT Discipline Rail

13. Beginner WTC Equitation

14. Beginner WTC Pleasure

15. Beginner WTC Discipline Rail 

16. Open WTC Equitation

17. Open WTC Pleasure

18. Open WTC Discipline Rail

19. Green Horse WT Pleasure A

20. Green Horse WT Discipline Rail

21. Green Horse WT Pleasure B

22. Green Horse WTC Pleasure A

23. Green Horse WTC Discipline Rail

24. Green Horse WTC Pleasure B

25. WT Ground Poles

26. WTC Ground Poles

27. Xrails 18” Hunter Round

28. Xrails 18” Equitation Round

29. Xrail 18” Timed First J/O

30. 2’ Hunter Round

31. 2’ Equitation Round

32. 2’ Timed First J/O

33. Additional Heights Upon Requests

All participants and participating parties will be required to 

fill out a COVID hold harmless waiver. Please print, prefill out and submit your form at the registration booth or fill out a form at the registration booth the day of the show.

Click Below for Printable Waiver

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