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Donations & Sponsorships 

Camp Marshall Equestrian Center provides many of the equine industry's future equestrians a positive and hands on learning experience to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed with equines in the future. CMEC is always accepting donations and sponsorships towards our year round program to help both our horses and our riders. All donations and sponsorships, no matter the size, are always greatly appreciated by everyone in the CMEC community.   
How can you help? Well, as you can imagine, caring for horses can accumulate quite the cost each month. Just like the increase in other day to day resources (such as fuel) horses resources and supplies are also increasing. 

Our horses' high quality grain, hay and supplements they need on a daily basis have increased rapidly these last few months. 

The answer is with a donation! Interested in making a donation to our Equine Program today? Click this link and complete the form to submit a payment online. Don't want to do it online? No problem, give us a call at (508)-885-4891 and speak with us over the phone instead. 
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These last several months we have been fortunate to receive several large donations from Smartpak Equine of Natick Massachusetts. These donations range from a variety of blankets, tack and other barn supplies to clothing, boots, helmets and other riding attire for our students. We cannot thank Smartpak Equine enough for their recent donations which have helped our program greatly. Thank you Smartpak! *Smartpak is also the supplier for all of our horses daily supplement!*
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Looking for something beyond the horse program? CMEC also offers yearly Agriculture Programs for our community's youth.

This program is home to goats, donkeys, ducks, chickens, cows and more throughout the year. 

All of the animals in the Agriculture 101 program are privately owned by our Equestrian Director. Donations towards this program goes towards all the supplies and materials that are needed to aid in the learning of these animals. 
Our horses provide the community with many things, one of those things to the opportunity to attend Horse Camp over our seven week summer program. 

CMEC offers Financial Aid options to help provide all families a chance to send their child to summer camp. We achieve this goal with the help of our Campership Fund, made entirely out of the generous donations of others in the community. Do you wish to help make a child's wish come true? Donate today by following this link!  
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