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  Equine Assisted Program
~Hands, and Horses creating Healthy Hearts~

Hands~ Hearts~ Horses

Starting Date is December 1st, 2018
Set up your initial meeting now!
      This program is designed for those that have a passion or a need for that special bond between horses and humans. The unconditional love that a horse can give is like no other. We hope through this program we can have a positive experience that inspires both mental and physical needs of everyone.
       This is a ½ hour Horsemanship Program (not as riding program at this time) overseen by our Equestrian Director who also has a strong passion for horsemanship, sharing  that knowledge and passion with others that desire to build an experience and bond that they will cherish for a life time. This program can help anyone that have physical, occupational, emotional growth in persons suffering from ADD, Anxiety, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Depression, Developmental Delay,  Down Syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, behavioral issues, abuse issues, and many other mental health problems.  This program  can help each and every individual build confidence, self- efficiency, communication, trust, perspective, social skills, impulse control, and learn boundaries. Who can benefit from this program? Everyone. We start at four years old!
Here are some things you will be doing once you sign up for this program.
  • Ensure that all of your forms are complete
  • A small introduction to the program
  • Safety while at the barn and around the horses
  • Meet all the horses
  • Choose a horse you feel a connection with
  • Any goals or knowledge you would like to learn and gain

Cost for 1/2 hour per individual $40.00

Cost for 1/2 hour semi private per individual $35.00 (when applicable)

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